Sabtu, 18 September 2010

Tips Meningkatkan Jumlah Follower Twitter


Silahkan buka alamat berikut . Pada link tersebut, terdapat sebuah situs viral twitter follower. Cara kerja situs ini serupa dengan multi level marketing. Setelah mendaftar, kita akan mendapatkan sebuah link yang mana nantinya link inilah yang harus kita promosikan. Karena setiap follower yang mendaftar melalui link anda tersebut, akan berpotensi mendatangkan ratusan follower untuk akun twitter anda. Disini anda cukup memfollow 9 orang upline anda untuk mendapatkan puluhan ataupun ratusan potensial follower (disitus lain anda mungkin harus memfollow puluhan orang untuk mendapatkan belasan follower). Tentunya jumlah follower yang anda dapatkan akan ditentukan oleh kemampuan anda mempromosikan link refferal anda.

Berikut adalah beberapa tempat potensial yang dapat anda gunakan untuk mempromosikan link refferal anda :

  • Facebook profile

  • Twitter Profile

  • Blog

  • Signature forum

  • Milis


Buka alamat situs berikut , sign up menggunakan twitter username dan password anda. Setelah selesai, silahkan login untuk masuk. Setelah masuk anda akan menemui halaman seperti berikut.

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Tugas anda adalah menekan tombol ”tweet this” yang saya tunjukkan dengan tanda panah berwarna biru. Kemudian pada kolom find follower (yang saya beri tanda panah merah), silahkan masukkan keyword yang banyak dicari orang. Disini saya lebih prefer untuk menggunakan high paying keyword adsense, karena banyak internet marketer yang mencari pengguna twitter yang tertarik dengan keyword yang mereka optimasikan, dengan begitu peluang anda mendapatkan follower akan semakin besar.

Berikut adalah beberapa High Paying Keyword yang dapat anda gunakan :

  • Insurance

  • Loan

  • Healthy

  • Lawyer

  • Credit

  • Illness cover

Saya sendiri menggunakan keyword insurance, dan anda boleh juga menggunakannya. Setelah memasukkan keyword kedalam kolom yang disediakan, pastikan anda menekan tombol ”find the follower”. Secara otomatis anda akan memfollow 90-an user lain, kemudian setelah itu anda tinggal menunggu user lain menjadi follower anda.

Sampai dengan detik ini, follower akun twitter percobaan saya tersebut terus meningkat dan mencapai angka 229 hanya dalam beberapa jam dan tanpa saya melakukan apa-apa lagi. Jika anda ingin tau berapa jumlah followernya ketika anda membaca artikel ini, silahkan menuju alamat berikut .

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Kamis, 01 Juli 2010

The Journey of Pink Salmon

Pink salmon is a kind of a fish that has light pink color at the right. Light salmon pink is a light pink color that resembles the color salmon. The name is derived from the flesh color of the pink salmon. The nutrient that imparts the pink flesh color is asthaxtantine, that salmon ingest when they feed on other marine organisms, such as krill and small shrimps.
At the moment, sally was one of pink salmon wanted to begin her fantastic adventure to the ocean. She was a year of age. She didin’t go there lonely, Titi and Nina would accompany her in getting journey to the wide ocean. “What will we look at at the ocean?” Titi said. “ Mrs.Moli said that it is wide and deep.” Nina answered. Sally followed the conversation by adding her friends saying “it’s also containing of salt, so the taste is salty.”
Titi was confuse after hearing the ocean’s describing from Sally, because they never live at the salty water like at the ocean. Sally explained to Titi about their body condition. She said that their body will change naturaly up to they able live at briny water. Sally felt happy to hear that. They got home and separated for having preparation for their journey tomorrow. They couldn’t be patient to see and live in the fantastic ocean.
On the next day, they had prepare theirselves for getting journey. Firstly, they got gathering before beginning their adventure. They began their journey verily. In the tapping, they felt tired and decided to take a rest for minutes. Verily, they hadn’t know about the challenge which will they face. They swam slowly. Day after days, they finally reached the garage. Unexpressly, they had come in the barrage which was being made by the beavers. They were in confusion, they didn’t know what must they do. Aftir thinking far, Sally said to her friends about the planning that she had. She planned for making a trick for escaping their selves from the beavers. He wanna sacrifise herself for becoming , but titi didn’t agree with Sally’s planning. She wanted to become what sally will do in her planning. Because she realized that she will never able to get pregnant as Mrs. Miko saying. Nina also wanted to becoe object in their mission.
Finally, after standing on the confusion Sally the bravest one among the salmons, Sally the bravest one among the others pin salmons decided for jumping on the river to take the attention of the beavers. The planning was quite danger, so Sally made sure her two friends for jumping, but Titi didin’t want, because she got fear. By forcing, Nina pull Titi up to jump. Nini and Titi could be safe, but Sally still in dangerous, because the guard beaver still ran her. But, Titi fell on te barrage. Unfortunately, the beavers saw the attending of Titi. Immediately, Titi felt fear. Sally had the tactic for escaping Titi, he held astone and throw it on the beavers. One of them was held by that stone, so the beavers’s attention changed again to Sally. Fortunately, Titi could to be free from the barrage. But, she still in doubt to leave Sally alone. Nina forced her and arose the faith that Sally will be safe. They continued their journey without Sally. Sally got efford very much to hide from the beaver. She came down the river and saw the little cave at an angle of river.there were many shrimps over there. After moments, she had a beaver swam around herself. She was so worry and decided to jump. She was hopeful to get the way. Unbelievable, the beaver gave in touch Sally, and introduced himself. His name was Birang, he looked kind.he told to Sally about King Firaun that has made the barrage and caused the fishes couldn’t to through the river. The others beavers also were trying to forbid him, but they hadn’t found the best way.
Finally, Birang took Sally to the secret way related to the ocean. Therefore, Sally could come to the ocean early. Titi and Nina were seen by Sally on her far view. they across the ocean safely.